nega scott

The TruceEdit

how did i meet nega scott and turn into a ally you ask? well it all started when i was walking with scott pilgrim we were talking i was tried so we sat down on a big old rock at the graveyard then,thats when nega scott came up to no good i felt a strange energy then,he ran to scott i was wandering who it was scott told me about nega scott i was suprised because i have my own to so then, we fought he punched me in the face and i threw a ki blast then,he fired his nega hadoken we were in a clash then i stopped him then he ran i told him to stop i wanted to have a truce then he was thinking about it he didn't know what to say then he made his a decision..........he said yes.....But in reality he lied and proceeded to kick my sorry ass,using the Tatsumaki (Hurricane Kick) and finishing my ass with the Hadoken. I was a fool and a little bitch for believing he could be my ally as he is too awesome for truces. He's Negawesome. He proceeded to walk into the sunset,leaving a beaten enemy behind. Oh and Scott just watched.

NegaScott Tribute by ma

the truce